Nine Women

About this project

Nine funny, touching and realistic short films, capturing snapshots from a day in the lives of nine women living in the same apartment block. Moving from floor to floor and life to life, they depict the encounters, exchanges and sorrows that occur in the course of a single, ordinary day of these women who are driven by, in conflict with, or recovering from desire. The series depicts a spectrum of female characters who are passionate, crude, sometimes disturbing, always endearing and often paradoxical.

Starring Camille Rutherford, Aïssa Maïga, Mademoiselle Agnès, Alicia Hava, Kaori Ito, Faustine Koziel, Charlie Dupont, Philippe Katerine, Yannick Renier, Solène Rigot, Sarah Suco, Marie Bunel, François Berléand, Jeanne Rosa, Jean-Luc Vincent

Director : Emma de Caunes
Creator : Emma de Caunes, Diastème
Musique : Rocky Hewlett
Image : Nicolas Bordier